Friday, December 5, 2008

"What's your favourite scary movie?"

OK, so now we have a week in review. The main film I have seen this week would be the recent classic horror movie Scream. It has taken me an unacceptable amount of time to watch this, I know, and as a result I had already seen and heard a reasonable amount but that didn't stop me enjoying the hell out of it.

If you are a horror fan, you will probably enjoy all the nods this film has to some of your favourites. While it is often referred to as a spoof of the genre it holds up very well as a horror film in itself. It's clever how the character Drew Barrymore plays gets killed off so early on as it demonstrates that anything can happen in this film, no-one is safe. I also see this as a nice homage to Psycho when the supposed star gets killed off half-way through.

The cast are all good, Jamie Kennedy and David Arquette stealing the show for me personally. I think Randy was probably my favourite as I could totally relate to the guy, even more so in Scream 2. Courtney Cox plays Gale Weathers with such a great attitude, you really hate her but want to see more of her throughout. Neve Campbell is a good enough victim, not falling for every cliche but enough to make it amusing.

The reveal of the killer is both really obvious and totally daunting at the same time. You know that there is more to Billy than what you see, he is way to shifty to be innocent but you think you're wrong when he 'dies'. The fact that it was him AND Stu was a smart twist. I liked the little exchange between those two and Sidney when the tables are turned, the dialogue was very good throughout.

Wes Craven is obviously no stranger to the horror genre although I am not too familiar with his work. A Nightmare on Elm Street is probably one of the most terrifying ideas for a horror movie I can think of, even though it's execution is maybe less effective these days. Having someone like that give life to this movie was a genius idea and worked very well. Although I didn't see it at the time, I can understand why it caused such a fuss. The slasher movie had lain dormant for a while and this really reinvigorated it and I believe it probably revived the whole horror genre. We can't go a week without a new horror movie being released now!

Best Scene: The opening, just so unexpected.

Best Quote: 'Did you really call the police?'
'You bet your sorry ass I did.'
(sobbing) 'My mom and dad are gonna be so mad at me.'
Did You Know?: The janitor in the school is actually Wes Craven and he is wearing the easily recognisable sweater worn by Freddy Kruger.

Overall: A throughly enjoyable horror movie with some great references while still being unique in itself.

Also this week:

· Thir13en Ghosts - Maybe focuses too much on the effects (which are effective) and lacks in plot. The cast are good however and it offers up enough jumps and gore to remain entertaining. I have always been a sucker for the haunted house idea anyway so I was sold. :)
· The Wizard of Gore - I have never seen the original so have nothing to compare it to but it was an interesting horror film. I think it maybe threw a bit too much at the viewer, especially near the end but I think I followed it. Good performances throughout and unusual sets also.
· Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay - Have to admit, the only reason I watch these movies is for Neil Patrick Harris but I do find myself laughing throughout. NPH is still the highlight though and is even more entertaining in this sequel, I love the fact that he is more than happy to send himself up as he does. If you watch it though, stay till the end of the credits!!!


Demetris said...

Scream is awful!!!! not a scary movie, just a film about crazy teenagers!
Japanese thrillers are really scary. they are real professionalist in this sphere!

Miss Sarah said...

wow! Awesome blog concept. Love it! I look forward to reading more from you. And I LOVE Scream. I am a huge horror film fan and thought this one was greater. Very self-reflexive of the genre and had some great references to many classics.