Monday, November 24, 2008

"It's just a book. No harm ever came from reading a book."

No matter how many times I see this movie, I always enjoy just as much as the last time. It's a genre that is criminally under-used: the adventure film. Sure, it's not as good as Indiana Jones (few things are) but it's pretty damn close. It's one of those films that you catch the beginning of and then just find yourself watching the whole film, it's so much fun.

The cast is spot on. I really like Brendan Fraser anyway and feel that he doesn't get the roles he deserves. He makes a very good hero, sarcastic, tough but also just as confused as everyone else. Rachel Weisz is an excellent heroine as she knows more than most of the other characters, she never holds anyone back and can take care of herself. John Hannah and Oded Fehr offer entertaining support and the villains are good too.
Considering the age of the film, the effects still hold up. The plot is enthralling and entertaining and the script is snappy, fun and well delivered. I love the soundtrack, it suits the action perfectly, really gives you a sense of Egypt.

Best Scene: My favourite scene is probably the sand wall bit. Visually great with amusing reactions from all the characters involved with a great conclusion. It's so hard to pick a favourite scene really, there are so many good parts.

Best Quote: "Some bloody idiot's spilt his drink!" - Winston Havelock

Did You Know? The scene where Rick and co. land on the right side of the river surrounded by bullrushes, that is Frenshams Pond near Hindhead. I've swam there! But minus the palm trees and pyramids...

Overall: Highly entertaining, the running time really flies by and it stands up to repeat viewings.

I like The Mummy Returns as well, although it's not as entertaining. I'm generally not a fan of child actors and so their son ruined it for me a little. I've yet to see the latest one but I don't like the fact that Maria Bello has replaced Rachel Weisz, I think I would have preferred to have just seen a film with Rick and Jonathon. But I'll reserve judgement until I see it.

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Angie said...

Love this movie! Saw it 4 times in theatres. I watched my vhs copy so many times it was totally worn out, and I recently upgraded to DVD. One of my faves!