Friday, November 21, 2008

"Jason was my son, and today's his birthday..."

I think I'm a bit of a hypocrite when I call myself a horror fan as there are 3 classic horror films I have never seen: Scream, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Friday the 13th. With this blog, I intend to rectify that starting with Friday the 13th.
Firstly, I have to say, I cannot believe this is considered in such high regard and has garnered so many sequels. The acting is dredful, just lots of screaming and badly delivered lines. None of the characters were developed enough to remotely care about them, whether they lived or died. This isn't exactly uncommon in horror films but at least there is usually some sort of suspense and entertainment in waiting to see how the victims get killed off. But the deaths in this were drab and uninventive, it really had nothing going for it in my opinion.

I already knew the ending, inasmuch as I knew Jason's mother was the killer. But it was set up really badly if you ask me. The fact that she was only introduced about 5 minutes before she is revealed as the killer meant that there was no build up, no time for people to formulate their own ideas of who the killer was. The scare of Jason leaping out of the water was good but totally copped out when it was just a dream. I'm all for dodgy horror movies but this just took the biscuit.

For once, I think I might check out one of the sequels to see if it actually improves!

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