Thursday, November 20, 2008

And the game continues indefinitely...kinda like Monopoly!

OK, so, the Saw sequels. I'm gonna go ahead and say straight away that I don't think any of them have come close to matching the first and they are gradually getting worse in my opinion but they still have things going for them.

Saw II doesn't feel totally like a Saw film to be honest. It is more like a House of Horrors but with characters we know and the theme of Jigsaw's game. And this was pretty much the case as the director had intended this to be a separate film but producers felt they could market it better as a Saw movie so Leigh Whannell was brought in to help with a rewrite to make it better suited. It's a good film overall, it's nice to see the character of Amanda back and the new arrival of Donnie Whalberg as Eric Matthews, one of the most popular characters of the series. The twist at the end is another good one and I liked how it linked up with the first one by ending in the same room. What I failed to mention in the last blog was the absolutely fantastic theme, written by Charlie Clouser. I only really noticed it in this film but going back and watching the end of Saw again, I'm convinced that added a substantial amount to the creepy factor.

Saw III was a bit of a drag for me. I liked seeing the relationship between John Kramer and Amanda as well as the flashbacks of Adam. It was all the other elements featuring Jeff that I just couldn't get on with, I just really didn't care where that was going and even when it all came together at the end, I was still a little underwhelmed.

Saw IV just left you with more questions than answers, definitely not recommended if you haven't seen the other movies. There's so much going on and it leaves you with such a confusing twist that you don't really know what to make of it. I think it was trying to be too clever and leave too many clues that it just felt overly bogged down. I know people say how good the scene transitions were but I found them to be a bit irritating and took you out of the film.

The traps continue to be inventive and disturbing, it really makes you think: what would you do? If I had to dig my eye out for a key or have a load of spikes clamp on my face, I'm sorry but I'd go for the spikes any day! I'll probably see Saw V when it comes out on DVD as I want to see if anything gets solved but I do hope they wrap things up sooner rather than later, and hopefully by finally telling us what happened to poor old Dr Gordon.

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